Privacy Policy


Liinalapsi Oy is the seller of the online shop Liinalapsi Oy is a company registered in Finland. If you have any questions, please contact us by email: [email protected] or by phone +358 44 594 3011 (business days between 9-16  (EET)).

Description of personal data file

Description of personal data file in compliance with Section 10 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999)


Liinalapsi Oy

Leipäläntie 49

20300 Turku


Business ID 2176659-0

Responsible person

Niina Hallikainen

[email protected]

+358 44 5943011

Name of the register

The customer register of Liinalapsi Oy

Data contained in the register

- First and family name of the person

- Title

- address

- shipping address

- email address

- phone number

- payment information

Purpose of the register

Handling of orders and invoices, contacts with the customer, maintenance of the user account and other operations related to the customership. The data may be used anonymously for developing Liinalapsi’s operations and for statistical purposes. If the customer has given its consent for direct marketing, the customer may be sent marketing and newsletters by email.

Regular data sources

Data is obtained from the customer. Customer may update his/her data by signing in to his/her user account.

Data disclosuers

We may convey your contact information to a third party for the purpose of delivering the product (e.g. the delivery company) or collecting the payment. We will not disclose or sell your personal data to a third party wihout a prior consent by customer if it is not necessary for data protection procedure or based on law.

Protection of the register

Servers in which the register is saved are protected by passwords and firewalls. Access for any persons using the register is based on their need to know such information for their work.

Inspection right

Customer is entitled to inspect the information that is included about him/her in the Liinalapsi Oy’s customer register. The inspection request may be sent to:

Liinalapsi Oy

Leipäläntie 49

20300 Turku